Great Lakes Bay Unstaffed Fitness Centers

The following unstaffed facilities in the Great Lakes Bay Area are available to Dow employees that have specific site access:

  • Auburn Corporate Center Site: Site employees can enroll by using the enrollment steps below.
  • Auburn Plant: Site employees can enroll by reading this document and using the steps below! 
  • HIMS: Site employees can enroll by reading this document and using the steps below!
  • Larkin: Site employees can enroll by using the enrollment steps below.
  • MiOps: Site employees can enroll by watching this video and using the step below!


Employees working at the locations of the unstaffed fitness centers, interested in utilizing an unstaffed fitness center, can take the following steps:

  1. Complete an unstaffed fitness center facility application.
  2. Fax the completed application, with signed waiver to Midland Health Services at (989) 636-4994.
  3. Within 2 weeks, expect to receive an email from Security informing you of your new access!

Questions? Check out the FAQ or email us!

Auburn Corporate Center Site Group Exercise Classes:

  • Click here to sign up! There is a max number or participants for each class:
    • If you are a member of our Midland Staffed Wellness Centers all classes are FREE with your $16.00 per month membership.
    • There is an $8.00 fee per class for Auburn Corporate Center Site Fitness Center Members.
Auburn Corporate Center Site Group Exercise Classes Duration is 6 Weeks
Class Day Time
Ashtanga Yoga Monday 6:00am-6:50am
Cardio Blast Monday 11:00am-11:50am
Total Sculpt Monday 12:00pm-12:50pm
Drenched Tuesday 12:00pm-12:50pm
Elements of Barre Tuesday 4:00pm-4:50pm
Vinyasa Yoga Thursday 12:00pm-12:50pm
Ashtanga Yoga Friday 6:00am-6:50am

Ashtanga Yoga: This class is based on the Ashtanga yoga primary series, this is yoga in a very traditional style. Built on a foundation of breathing, students are led through a series of postures (asanas). The practice starts with sun salutations moves through standing postures, seated postures and ends with a restorative finishing sequence and shavasana (rest). Alternatives are offered for each posture making it appropriate for all levels and abilities.

Cardio Blast: High intensity interval training mixed with muscle conditioning for a total body workout.

Total Sculpt: This blend of yoga, Pilates and barre will sculpt and tone your muscles and create strong core.

Drenched: Get Amazing results while getting drenched in this high energy, muscle toning, fat burning workout regardless of fitness level. Combine the perfect amount of calorie burning cardio with strength training.

Elements of Barre: This class combines the principles of strength, flexibility of yoga, and conditioning of Pilates. Small isometric, concentrated movements will sculpt and tone leaving you with strong, long, lean muscles.

Vinyassa Yoga: Flows link the asanas (postures) together in a series of movements that are synchronized with the breath. Emphasis is place on the breath and the transition in and out of the asana.