SPECIALTY FITNESS CLASSES: September 30 - December 18, 2019

12-Week Session | Members: $55 | Non-Members: $80

flow & function yOGA

Improve and align your mind, body, and breath with this Vinyasa practice.  Each class will combine flexibility techniques, core strengthening and traditional asana (poses) to find a balance between relaxing and challenging in each class.  Perfect for anyone, from those looking to destress and relax to those looking to take their yoga, balance, and mobility to the next level.

October 1 - December 17

Tuesday | 12:20 - 1:00 pm | SSC
12-week Session with James



Pilates helps to improve posture, increase lung capacity, and build strong, sculpted muscles. Its emphasis on all around, complete fitness supports a variety of fitness goals, from building strength to increasing flexibility.

*Specialty Classes are registration only. These classes are offered at various times during the session and require a registration fee. Due to the economical cost of these classes the session will not be pro-rated and no make-up sessions will be offered.