Dow Midland Wellness Centers

Personal Training

Our Program includes pre- and post-assessments, custom-designed workouts, personal instruction, and direct motivation and encouragement. Whether you want guidance because you’re just starting out or you want to challenge yourself to achieve that next level of wellness, our certified trainers will design a program perfect for you!

Prospective Member RatesMember Rates
60-Minute SessionsCost/SessionTotal CostCost/SessionTotal Cost
1 Session$60 / Session$60$50 / Session$50
4 Session Package$55 / Session$220$45 / Session$180
8 Session Package$54 / Session$432$44 / Session$352
12 Session Package$53 / Session$636$43 / Session$516
16 Session Package$52 / Session$832$42 / Session$672

Groupfit training

Groupfit exercise (small groups, 2-3 people) offers the same health benefits as personal training. It helps prevent heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. Feel better, sleep better, and think better. Now, take all of that one step further. Participating in group wellness can provide you with more accountability and structure. People who workout in groups are more likely to adhere to the wellness routine, more likely to challenge themselves and push themselves to the next level.

GroupFit Member Rates
60-Minute Sessions, 2-3 People
4-Session Package$200
8-Session Package$370
12-Session Package$540
16-Session Package$700

groupfit training is cost effective

The Groupfit training option is nearly one third the cost of an individual personal training session. It combines the benefits of 1-on-1 interaction with a certified personal trainer with the support and motivation from your workout partner. Never worry about coming up with a challenging workout plan again. Invest in yourself and get the ultimate boost to your current workout intensity.