Dow Midland Wellness Centers

Massage Therapy

Everyone can benefit from massage therapy: lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, heightened immune system, increased blood circulation, and, a greater sense of relaxation...just to name a few. Let our certified massage therapists show you how massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and overall well-being.

Full-Body Massage

50-minute massages are available by appointment at the East End and Sylvia Stoesser Wellness Center. Call the East End Wellness Center Reception Desk at 989-638-7783 to reserve a time today!

Massage Rates | Members: $45 | Non-Members: $55

Availability: by appointment

Seated Chair Massage

A seated massage of the neck, shoulders, back and arms by a certified massage therapist. You are fully clothed and seated in a special massage chair. Time slots available in 15 minute intervals: $15/15 min, $30/30 min, $45/45 min.

Wellness Center LocationsTimes
East EndTBD.
Sylvia StoesserTBD.
Building LocationsTimes
1897 Bldg2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.
1803 BldgThird Tuesday of each month from 8:20am to 1:40pm.
Ben Branch CenterTuesday and Thursday. Sheduled on sharepoint.
1776 Bldg4th Thursday of the month from 11:20am to 2:40pm.

Wellness Center Scheduling/Payment Options: Pay at Wellness Center Reception Desk by card or check. Call SSC Wellness Center Reception Desk at 636-0983 or East End Reception Desk at 638-7783 to book an appointment.

Building Scheduling/Payment Options: Payable directly to the therapist at time of service either by card or a personal check. Schedule with specific building reception desk or therapist on times listed above.